Ya see, the thing about a taproom is that it is not a BAR.

It's a place where you drink beer. Wait, huh?
Our taproom allows us to do a few really cool things
First, the taproom is a place to gather with friends for good old-fashioned conversation. We try to keep things low key around here. No TVs, no jukebox, no reason you can't hear yourself think. You can play some shuffleboard, grab a book or bring in a couple vinyl records. Also, we encourage you to bring your own food or order in from your favorite spot. Actually, we'd love it if you would add to our collection of local menus!

Second, it's important to us to have a welcoming place for people who have not yet dedicated the entirety of their waking lives to beer. We won't judge newbie craft beer drinkers, we'll just overwhelm them with questions and samples. Trust us, we're not snooty (snotty?), we just want to drag you into our unhealthy obsession with barley and hops.

On top of all that, the taproom is our biggest chance to show you all the fun stuff we've been up to. New seasonals, crazy one-offs and brewery exclusives that will probably never escape the building. (Except maybe in a growler. Or your belly.)
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Find us on Facebook, Untappd or the original social network, IN PERSON, over a pint at:

PUBLIC Craft Brewing Co.
716 58th St. Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone: 262-652-2739

Regular Taproom Hours:
Tuesday: 3:30 - 9
Wednesday: 3:30 - 9
Thursday: 3:30 - 9
Friday: 3:30 - 12
Saturday: 12 - 12
Sunday: 12 - 6
Monday Closed